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In these turbulent times for humankind, the role and work of the International Criminal Court becomes even more significant as the fight against impunity and injustice takes on new dynamics.
Victor Tsilonis

A Brief Introduction

Welcome to the Official Website of the Greek ICC Judicial Nominee!

An independent judge is one who examines impartially the evidence of the case file and weighs with absolute fairness the ‘for and against’ evidence/arguments of the parties before issuing with clear conscience his/her decision, without succumbing to any pressure, and while always complying with the rules of deontology.

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ICC Vision

Committed to upholding international criminal justice and accountability for the most abhorrent crimes. Being in the first line of the global fight to promote international justice, shield human civilization and care for victims.

Core Principles

The values of fairness, impartiality and respect for human rights. Keeping a fine balance between the need to protect the rights of the accused and seek justice for victims.

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Reviews and Reports About Me

TSILONIS Victor Panagiotis, (Greece)
“Based on both his professional experience and his answers during the interview, the Committee concluded that the candidate is highly qualified for appointment as judge on the 2020.”

Report of the Advisory Committee on Nominations of Judges on the work of its seventh session

“The work of Victor Tsilonis, a very promising scholar, fills a significant gap in the literature and opens up new pathways in the field of Public International Law.”

Nestor Courakis

Nestor Courakis

Emeritus Professor at the University of Athens
Latest News & Events

The Latest News

ICC Elections 2020 Roundtables Recordings
ICC Elections 2020 Roundtables Recordings

Greece’s judicial nominee Dr Tsilonis participated in the Roundtable III, on Thursday 5 November 2020.

Public roundtables with judicial candidates
Public roundtables with judicial candidates

3-6 November 2020 The Secretariat of the Assembly of States Parties presents its compliments to States and civil society and…

Book Discussion: The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court
Book Discussion: The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court

In this part of Victor Tsilonis’ exclusive interview with Adetokunbo (Toks) Hussain, they talk about Victor Tsilonis’ recent book on…

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