19th ASP, New York, 7–17 December 2020

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the International Criminal Court judicial elections sche- duled to be held during the 19th Session of the Assembly of State Parties in New York. It is a great ho- nour for me to seek election as a judge of the International Criminal Court in this important election year and I wholeheartedly thank my country, Greece, for this unique opportunity.

In our turbulent period of human history, with unprecedented challenges such as the Covid-19 pan- demic, global warming, the continuing wars in Syria and Libya, and the global Black Lives Matter movement, the role and work of the International Criminal Court becomes even more significant as the fight against impunity and injustice takes on new dynamics. The thorough investigation of heinous crimes and the condemnation of abhorrent human rights violations must be undertaken by a potent International Criminal Court that is fully equipped to realise its mandate and pursue cases from all over the world so that the perpetrators are held to account and a sound basis is created for helping to prevent such crimes and violations from happening again.

Given my inherent agility in rising to all manner of challenges, including as a recognized expert in international law, and complete commitment to the rule of law, justice and human rights, I look forward to working together with other judges at the Court towards the prompt resolution of all kinds of cases.

I am an international criminal lawyer with a 16-year track record of excellence in handling criminal cases, and the founder and chief executive officer of the niche Greek law firm, Newlaw. My studies in the UK and in Greece, where I completed a PhD on the juris- diction of the International Criminal Court, mean that I have a uniquely well-rounded knowledge of the way legal systems work, whether they are founded upon civil, common or international law. Having also served as a junior legal advisor to the Office of the Prosecutor for the Former Yugoslavia (Milosevic case), I intend to utilise my experience and legal expertise, as well as my sound leadership and organizational skills, to serve the Court with distinction.

My active involvement in the Court’s fora provide me with further valuable insight. Firstly, I have been honoured to be a member of the ICC Disciplinary Board (2018-2022) and to have tried a number of disciplinary cases in this capacity. Moreover, I was recently elected Joint Vice President for Victims and Chairman of the Professional Standards Advisory Committee of the International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA), the only Bar Association formally recognised by the Assembly of State Parties.

Furthermore, my expertise as well as my dedication to the Court are captured in my recent book under the title: The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (Springer, 2019) ISBN 978-3-030-21525-5. Like much of my work, this publication was inspired by the Court’s values and reflects my profound belief in the Court’s aims. As a recognized expert in international law, I was selected to join the OSCE Consultancy Roster of Legal Experts in 2018 and the Roster of Experts of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy in 2017. I am also a member of the International Law Association and the European Society of International Law. Mo- reover, I have taught postgraduate courses on International Criminal Justice (2018–2019) and have written and presented almost twenty papers in the field of international criminal law, international criminal justice, international human rights, criminal law and procedure, and prisoners’ rights.

Hence, I believe I am fully capable of successfully serving as a judge of the International Criminal Court and becoming part of the new generation of jurists who will rejuvenate the Court’s work and productivity.

Finally yet importantly, please allow me to bring to your attention that Greece has been underrepresented for many years at the International Criminal Court, despite the country being well positioned to have a significant and highly constructive influence on international justice. Greece has an established standing of international significance in the interrelated spheres of human civilisation and legal traditions, has a unique geopolitical status in the context of relations between the European Union and the Middle East, and is a longstanding member of the European Union, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe. For almost four decades, Greece has contributed to the development of European law and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration regarding my candidacy. I would be happy to receive any questions you might have regarding my experience and suitability for the position of judge of the International Criminal Court. I would also be very interested to hear your views about the Court’s work and its future, as well as your expectations of the judiciary.

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